PVR-1140 takes prize in 2006 Multi-Core Proof Point Contest

2006-12-01 Taipei,Taiwan

Portwell Inc, a leading supplier of Internet Security Appliances, and an Associate Member of the Intel® Communications Alliance, announces that its PVR-1140 industrial grade rackmount digital security surveillance (DSS) platform is the winner in the Intel® Communications Alliance 2006 Multi-Core Proof Point Contest. The award was presented by Intel® at the recent Intel® Communications Alliance Executive Business Connections event held on October 24~26, 2006 in Tucson, Arizona.

"The Portwell PVR-1140 is designed with Intel® Core™ Duo processor and successfully delivers the high computing power and energy saving that is very important in the security industry today," said Jim St. Leger, program director of Intel® Communications Alliance. "Portwell is a product development leader within our ecosystem and has always evinced strong support for Intel architecture."

PVR-1140 Meets the Need for Proactive Surveillance

PVR-1140"We are pleased to win the Intel® Communications Alliance 2006 Multi-Core Proof Point Contest," said Thomas Lee, Portwell’s product manager. "It validates our hard work and effort as a member of the Intel® Communications Alliance to bring a product to the DSS market that combines two previously disparate benefits with high computing power and low energy consumption."

Thomas pointed out that Portwell developed the PVR-1140 because today’s surveillance systems need to do more than just detect motion and record activity. "They need to be more intelligent and more proactive to protect against terrorists and criminal activities," said Thomas. "And supplement human efforts where using real people are not feasible. Practical usage has proved that Portwell PVR-1140 more than meets these needs."

PVR-1140 Meets the Market Needs

Current surveillance trends demand that the DSS platform must be able to support computerized intelligence, process high-resolution video in real-time over multiple channels and this video must be simultaneously captured, analyzed, and stored with quick and easy retrieval as needed. The DSS platform must be networked so that multiple surveillance systems can be controlled from a central location.

"In order to meet these needs, Portwell designed the PVR-1140 industrial grade rackmount DSS platform," explained Victor Liao, product manager of Portwell. "The PVR-1140 uses the Intel® Core™ Duo processor, Intel® 945GM Express chipset, and other Intel® technologies to meet these performance requirements. Because of its high computing power and low energy consumption, the PVR-1140 can be deployed 24 x 7 in the very rugged environment. It is capable of multi-threaded execution to sustain real-time transmission, and the analysis and storage of massive video data files."

"Everyone at Portwell is proud that the PVR-1140 won this contest," added Victor, "but we’re not resting on our laurels. Portwell is continuously evolving platform solutions based on Intel new technology, and we’ll keep providing cutting-edge solutions in the future."

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