• ATmega32U4 running at 8MHz
    • Arduino-Compatible Bootloader
    • Applying to various sensor modules, analog, digital, 3V or 5V voltage.
    • One Pan Network socket supporting connections such as Zigbee, LoRa or BLE connectivity (Optional)
    • Fan-less design

With modularized design on its wireless connectivity and sensor module, DS1 is equipped with multiple functions which makes the sensor node more flexible. ┬áIn order to challenge the lowest computing, DS1 is Portwell’s own-designed Arduino motherboard using a Pan Network socket which can apply to different wireless module, Wi-FI, BLE or LoRa, and different types of sensor modules, ranging from analog to digital, 3V to 5V voltage.

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Optional Accessories

  • Wi-Fi/ ZigBee/ Bluetooth/ BLE/ LoRa wireless modules w/ cable and antenna
  • AC-DC adapter