• ATmega32U4 running at 8MHz
    • Arduino-Compatible Bootloader
    • Applying to various sensor modules, analog, digital, 3V or 5V voltage.
    • One Pan Network socket supporting connections such as Zigbee, LoRa or BLE connectivity (Optional)
    • Charging Lithium Polymer battery through solar power or USB
    • Fan-less design

With modularized design on its wireless connectivity and sensor module, DS1-B is equipped with multiple functions which makes the sensor node more flexible.  In order to challenge the lowest computing, DS1-B is Portwell’s own-designed Arduino motherboard using a Pan Network socket which can apply to different wireless module, Wi-FI, BLE or LoRa, and different types of sensor modules, ranging from analog to digital, 3V to 5V voltage. The node can support AC, solar panel or lithium battery for power supply.

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ATmega32U4 w/ battery and solar panel

Packing List

Optional Accessories

  • AC-DC adapter
  • Wi-Fi/ ZigBee/ Bluetooth/ BLE/ LoRa wireless modules w/ cable and antenna