2 DDR4 SD-DIMM 以及 Type 6 Compact COM-Express ®和 Intel ® Atom ® Elkhart Lake SoC


  • Intel® Atom® Elkhart Lake x6000 series processors
  • DDR4 SO-DIMM up to 32GB 3200 MT/s with In-Band ECC
  • Multiple Displays VGA, LVDS/eDP, DP, HDMI®
  • Support Industrial temperture -40°C to 85°C
  • Support Intel® TCC/TSN with 2.5GbE


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PCOM-B645VGL, a type 6 compact COM Express® (95 x 95 mm) module which is based on Intel Atom® Elkhart Lake x6000, Pentium® N, J Series processors. In this architecture, PCOM-B645VGL provides VGA, LVDS, and eDP, DP, HDMI® with 4K resolution, and supports three indepent dis- plays. And it also provides turbo mode up to 3.0GHz, with extending 6x PCIe 3.0, 2x USB 3.2 Gen2, 8x USB 2.0, and 2x SATA III. With ultra low power consumption(4.5 to 12W), wide-temp support, it could provide very energy saving and high efficient performance. PCOM-B645VGL aims in different versatile applications, such as automation, healthcare, retail, transportation.


型號名稱 PCOM-B645VGL
外形尺寸(毫米) 緊湊型(95 x 95 毫米)
通訊類型 6型
CPU/時鐘/緩存 英特爾®凌動® J6426
英特爾®凌動® x6211E
英特爾®凌動® x6413E
英特爾®凌動® x6425E
英特爾®凌動® x6425RE
2.60 GHz 至 3.00 GHz
1.5MB 高速緩存
芯片組 片上系統
圖形控制器 英特爾®超核芯顯卡 10th
記憶 DDR4 SO-DIMM 高達 32GB 3200 MT/s
貯存 2 個 SATA III
USB 2x USB 3.2(選項 4x USB 3.2)
8x USB 2.0(選項 1x OTG)
聚乙二醇 不適用
PCI Express 6 個 PCIe 3.0 x 1
以太網 GPY215
聲音的 高清晰度音頻
工作溫度 -40°C 至 85°C
載板 PCOM-C605 (Mini-ITX)

블록 다이어그램

구매 가이드

產品 訂購部件號 地位
PCOM-B645VGL-J6426 AB1-3L84 可用的
PCOM-B645VGL-x6211E AB1-3L83 可用的
PCOM-B645VGL-x6413E AB1-3L82 可用的
PCOM-B645VGL-x6425E AB1-3K43 可用的
PCOM-B645VGL-x6425RE AB1-3L81 可用的


配飾 訂購部件號 地位
散熱器 (J/N-sku) B830B390 可用的
散熱器 (X-sku) B830B380 可用的
散熱器 (J/N-sku) B830B460 可用的
散熱器 (X-sku) B830B470 可用的
PCOM-C60B(ATX載板) AB1-3G22Z 聯繫我們


(자료 & 다운로드)

  Catalog   PCOM-B645VGL | Catalog 20220826   April 27, 2021

Intel Atom® Elkhart Lake series SoC based on Type 6 Compact COM Express® module with 2x DDR4 SO-DIMM Socket

341 KB 3939 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-B645VGL_0.0.30_Update.zip | BIOS 0.0.30   June 17, 2023

    PCOM-B645VGL BIOS Rev.: 0.0.30 ( 02132023 )

    6.54 MB 70 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-B645VGL_0.0.27_Updata.zip | BIOS 0.0.27   October 4, 2022

    Official release

    6.5 MB 881 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-B645VGL_Chipset_10.1.18768.8273.zip | Driver 10.1.18768.8273   August 1, 2022

      Windows 10 IoT 64bit Chipset Driver for PCOM-B645VGL Series

      3.98 MB 1240 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-B645VGL_CSE_15.40.15.2416.zip | Driver   August 1, 2022

      Windows 10 IoT 64bit CSE Driver for PCOM-B645VGL Series

      171.06 MB 1093 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-B645VGL_GbE_210620.zip | Driver 210620   August 1, 2022

      Windows 10 IoT 64bit GbE Driver for PCOM-B645VGL Series

      708.2 KB 1226 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-B645VGL_Graphic_27.20.100.9565.zip | Driver   August 1, 2022

      Windows 10 IoT 64bit Graphic Driver for PCOM-B645VGL Series

      410.11 MB 1140 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-B645VGL_HID_2.2.1.384.zip | Driver   August 1, 2022
      1.4 MB 1335 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-B645VGL_PSE.zip | Driver    August 1, 2022

      Windows 10 IoT 64bit PSE Driver for PCOM-B645VGL Series

      1.3 MB 1257 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-B645VGL_Serial_IO_5.123.1.1023 | Driver   August 1, 2022

      Windows 10 IoT 64bit Serial IO Driver for PCOM-B645VGL Series

      562.7 KB 1188 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-645VGL_R1.2.pdf | Manual R1.2   October 20, 2023
        1.89 MB 30 Downloads
          Carrier design guide   Carrier_Design_Guide_PCOM-B645VGL_R0.1.pdf | Manual R0.1   November 10, 2022

        PCOM-B645VGL carrier design guide R0.1(first release)

        1.7 MB 802 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-B645VGL_R1.1.pdf | Manual R1.1   July 5, 2022

        PCOM-B645VGL user manual R1.1

        3.7 MB 1027 Downloads
          User’s Manual   Manual_PCOM-B645VGL_R1.0 | Manual R1.0   May 3, 2022

        PCOM-B645VGL user manual R1.0(first release)

        1.7 MB 1303 Downloads
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