Intel Menlow-XL CPU ATOM Z520용 Qseven 캐리어 보드


  • Qseven carrier board accept Portwell Qseven modules
  • Intel® Atom™ Z5XXPT and SCH US15WPT
  • 3.5″ ESB form factor to embedded applications
  • On Board DC to DC circuit for DC in application
  • Mini-PCIe support
  • Support boot from SD(SDIO 1.1)


3.5″ ESB Form Factor Carrier Board For Qseven Module


Format 3.5″ ESB
Display Interface VGA
Storage SD Card slot, one mini-PCIe, two SATA ports
Network GbE port
USB Four rear USB ports, Three USB header
Audio one MIC-IN, one LINE-OUT
Power Requirement DC 12V
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Extended Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Dimensions 146mm x 102mm

구매 가이드

Ordering Guide
AB1-3326 PQ7-C100XL 3.5″ QSEVEN Carrier Board
AB1-3667 PQ7-C100XL-CAN 3.5″ QSEVEN Carrier Board with CAN Bus


(자료 & 다운로드)

  Catalog   PQ7-C100XL | Catalog 212A-1   September 4, 2012
178.81 KB 5030 Downloads
      User’s Manual   Manual_PQ7-C100XL_R30.zip | Manual 3.0   February 9, 2012

    PQ7-C100XL user’s manual

    845.82 KB 2735 Downloads
      User’s Manual   Manual_PQ7-C100XL_R20.zip | Manual 2.0   August 25, 2011

    PQ7-C100XL user’s manual

    1.22 MB 2733 Downloads
      User’s Manual   Manual_PQ7-C100XL_R11.zip | Manual 1.1   August 18, 2011

    PQ7-C100XL user’s manual

    17.11 MB 3014 Downloads
      User’s Manual   Manual_PQ7-C100XL_R10.zip | Manual 1.0   October 20, 2009

    PQ7-C100XL User Manual Rev 1.0

    876.30 KB 2722 Downloads
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