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Network Communication Solutions

Portwell has been actively engaged in the industrial PC arena for over 25 years. It has designed and developed a multitude of network communication solutions for businesses in need of unique and comprehensive networking systems. Using its extensive experience and design capabilities, Portwell has produced a wide range of white box and network communication appliances to satisfy its customers’ unique design challenges when deploying a dynamic and effective data center.

If you require custom-tailored network communication solutions for your own organization or for desired product lines, contact Portwell today!

What We Do

Video Conference

Portwell provides human machine interface (HMI) solution, core computing module, and network appliance plus consolidate planning to fulfill your video conferencing infastructure requirement.
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The big data era challenges the data center server to operate at maximum efficiency. We offer an upgraded server solution that delivers outstanding performance and maximum memory capacity with high reliability.

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Moving toward a cloud-based future, businesses demand more effective, more secure, and more powerful data center storage and network communication solutions with 24/7 reliability.

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Most business networks today use switches to connect networked devices, such as computers, printers, and servers, within a building or campus.

Outdoor Gateway

The Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Everything (IoE) is changing everything every day, and has expanded IT networks from indoor to outdoor environments.


Video Conferemce

Video Conference

Nowadays, the video conferencing market can be segmented into three categories: software, hardware, and service. Among them, hardware platform is the most essential segment as it integrates all parts to depict an entire infrastructure, supported by a service provider. [Read more]

gateway solution for heavy industry

Gateway Solution For Heavy Industry

Portwell’s Embedded Motherboard Creates a Solution for Collecting and Transmitting Energy Extraction Data Project Background:This project focuses on developing oil and gas extraction gateways that facilitate the collection and transmission of data to the cloud for high-performance digital monitoring. [Read more]

Touch Monitor

Touch monitors and all-in-one computers function as intuitive human interface during video conferencing and Teleconferencing. Portwell offers a variety of sizes and grades monitor/displays – from industrial to medical grade.

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Com Express Module

Portwell’s COM Express module is used as in many video conference platforms as a control engine. Our network appliance solutions also offer various form factors and network bandwidth from rackmount to desktop to empower a secure communication.

Customized Systems

Our design capability, flexible manufacturing, project management, and one-stop shop bring you extraordinary add-on benefits. In addition to product itself, we also provide final system integration, testing and deployment services to customers.

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Intel® Atom® E3900 시리즈 기반 NANO-ITX 보드가 포함된 내장형 소형 팬리스 시스템
Compact System with Intel® Denverton C3436L(4C) / C3338R(2C) Processor for SD-WAN solution
Intel® Pentium® / Xeon® D-1500 시리즈 프로세서(DDR4 ECC/비 ECC 3x SODIMM 소켓, VGA, DDI, PCIex 16, USB 3.0 및 SATA 6Gb/s 포함) 유형 6 COM Express® 2.0 모듈 기반
2개의 DDR3L SD-DIMM 소켓이 있는 Type 6 Compact COM-Express® 모듈 기반 Intel® Atom® Apollo Lake 시리즈 SoC
DDR4 SDRAM, HDMI®, DVI-I, 듀얼 기가비트 이더넷, 오디오 및 USB가 있는 PICMG 1.3 SHB 기반 Intel® Xeon® E/ Core™ i3/i5/i7 Pentium® / Celeron® 프로세서
Compact System with Intel® Atom® C3758(8C)/ C3558(4C) Processor for SD-WAN solution
Intel Atom® Dual/Quad Core E3900 series SoC based on NANO-ITX Board with Triple Displays, GbE LAN, USB 3.0, M.2, SATA III, Mini-PCIe, and mSATA
Compact System with Intel Atom® E3900 series for SD-WAN solution
Compact System with Intel Atom® C3758R(8C) / C3558R(4C) Processor for SD-WAN solution
LPDDR4 SDRAM, NANDrive 및 USB 3.0이 포함된 Type 10 Mini COM-Express® 모듈 기반 Intel® Atom® E3900 시리즈 SoC
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