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Portwell Cutting Edge 10GbE COM Express Module
In the micro server, storage, networking, and Internet of Things(IoT), PCOM-B634VG is suitable for high network, data...
ROBO-8920VG2 - Mighty dual Dual-Core processor SHB driving high bandwidth PCI Express expansion with acceptable heat generation

2006-05-16  Taipei,Taiwan
 Feature List
  • Support dual / single Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor LV in mPGA478 socket at 667MHz FSB
  • Four 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM DIMM sockets, support for DDR2 400 DIMMs, up to 8GB ECC, registered system memory
  • ATI Radeon 7000 steered by 32-bit/66MHz PCI bus of Intel 6300ESB that supports DirectX and OpenGL allowing for superior graphics and 3D textures
  • Supports dual PCI Express x8, one PCI Express x4 and four PCI devices via backplane
  • PCI Express x4 based dual Gigabit Ethernet supports IPv4, IPv6 offloading, VLAN, teaming
  • Rich I/O interfaces such as dual IDE channel, dual SATA port, one floppy channel and four USB
Introduction of PICMG 1.3 (SHB Express) did help industries to have higher I/O bandwidth along with high-speed processor. However, the performance segmentation requirements are not satisfied yet since the extreme computing power and I/O throughput are not applicable. Along with Pentium 4 processor, the thermal design power of server grade processor almost hits the critical point that leads noise and vibration issues as well. Fortunately, Intel announced low-voltage Intel Xeon processor to combine dual-core technology with its power management capability. With thermal design power (TDP) of 31 watts at the clock rate of 2.0 GHz, the TDP of dual processor on-board dissipate down to 62 watts that is similar to dual Pentium III processor. This is an ideal solution for high computing density and power optimization.

ROBO-8920VG2, the PICMG 1.3 SHB supports dual Xeon LV processor (four cores) based on Intel E7520 and 6300ESB chipset. The board is equipped with four DDR2 DIMM sockets running up to 8GB which can be increased I/O bandwidth for memory-intensive application.

It is designed with ECC registered memory that has added benefit for those applications including media streaming, data storage, machine image, telecommunication and broadcasting. In addition, I/O interfaces are improved at the same time like PCI Express x4 based dual Gigabit Ethernet controller, dual PCI Express x8 and one PCI x4 links.

Though PCI Express x4 or x8 add-in cards are not popular now, they can be very flexible to continue legacy I/O interconnection such as Hub Link on ROBO-8820VG2, a dual Xeon ePCI-X SHB that supports up to four PCI-X buses. Dual PCI Express-to-PCI-X bridge can be utilized to create same PCI-X buses and gather all PCI-X slots together on the add-in cards that can deliver high performance on the independent channel.

Graphics display is another advantage of this superior SHB since most of industries need more than a display of most servers for today's demanding imaging applications. ROBO-8920VG2 is equipped with ATI Radeon 7000 graphics processor running on 32-bit/66MHz PCI bus. Default configuration with 32MB DDR video memory delivers enhanced 3D and 2D graphics. Based on project requirement, 64MB DDR video memory and dual VGA output are optional.

Performance and power saving pursuing has become the goal of computing industry that try to easy people's life and preserve the environment. ROBO-8920VG2 implementation is the first step that you can do to empower your application without harming the earth.


Product Information

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