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M2M business is growing up due to IoT and Indutrail 4.0 application. Portwell provides new
PCOM- B636 COM Express product based on Intel N3000 series to enable stable and real time function for
communication and control system. With low power and EMC design of PCOM-B636, it help
customer to develop fanless and reliability system.

Intel® ATOM N3000 series based TypeVI COM Express with
DDR3L SDRAM, VGA, LVDS, USB 3.0, PCIE and surround

PCOM-B636VG COM Express Type VI module with Intel Atom N300
series SoC. Implementation of applications used for national security and
cyber warfare require high intelligence systems capable of operating in
remote conditions and under stringent conditions, more so than industrial

ƒ The latest Intel Atom N3000 series embedded Contact us PCOM-B636VG-N3700.TYPE VI. Atom N3700 Quad
processor provides cost-effective solutions with low Core 1.6GHz.Compact Form Factor.COM Express
power and quad core processor technology Module/EC
ƒ Supports up to four PCIe lanes, four x 1 lanes can Contact us PCOM-B636VG-N3150.TYPE VI. Atom N3150 Quad
be conigured to one x 4 lane Core 1.6Hz.Compact Form Factor.COM Express
ƒ Supports one DDR3L 1600/1333MT/s SDRAM, up Module/EC/LVDS
to 4GB Contact us PCOM-B636VG-N3050.TYPE VI. Atom N3050
DualCore 1.6GHz.Compact Form Factor.COM
ƒ Supports four USB3.0 Express Module/EC/LVDS
ƒ Support eMMC storage Contact us PCOM-B636VG-N3000.TYPE VI. Atom N3000
DualCore 1.04GHz.Compact Form Factor.COM
Express Module/EC/LVDS

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