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PCOM-B634VG In the time of big data, the most important business is that data analysis. Portwell provide highest CPU
computing power by Intel new Xeon on COM-Express module. By new thermal solution, the system
can keep working 24x7 with PCOM-B634. It help customer get most important information in Big data.

Intel® Pentium® D Series Processor based on Type VI Basic COM
Express 2.0 module with DDR4 ECC SDRAM on Three
SO-DIMM slots, VGA, HDMI, PCIe x16, 10GbE, SATA and

Portwell PCOM-B634VG is designed with Intel new XEON processor with
16 CPU cores, 10GbE Ethernet KR/KR interface interface and DDR4 ECC
SO-Dimm support which provide high CPU computing, excellent Ethernet
performance. Extend PCIe Gen3 ports in PCOM-B634 can support high
speed IO card for more application. With VGA and legacy interface support,
customer can upgrate system fast and easily.


ƒ Intel Pentium D Series Processor on 14nm AB1-3C91Z PCOM-B634VG.
process TYPE VI. Basic Form Factor.COM ExpressModule
ƒ Support DDR4-2400MT/s ECC/non-ECC SDRAM Broadwell-DE/PCH
on three SO-DIMM slots, up to 48GB AB1-3E09Z PCOM-B634VG-D1537.TYPE VI. Basic Form Factor.
ƒ One VGA and HDMI, 10GbE interface COM
ƒ Support 7 USB 2.0, 4 USB 3.0, 4 SATA 3.0, 8 PCIE Express Module.Intel D1537/VGA/DDR4 SO-Dimm
x1 Gen 2.0 and 1 PCIEx16 Gen 3.0 AB1-3D98Z PCOM-B634VG-D1517.TYPE VI. Basic Form Factor.
Express Module.Intel D1517/VGA/DDR4 SO-Dimm
AB1-3D99Z PCOM-B634VG-D1508.TYPE VI. Basic Form Factor.
Express Module.Intel D1508/VGA/DDR4 SO-Dimm

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