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PCOM-B632VG Implementation of applications used for national security and cyber warfare require high intelligence
systems capable of operating in remote conditions and under stringent conditions, more so than
industrial computers.

Intel® ATOM E3800 series based Type VI COM Express module
with DDR3L SDRAM, VGA, eDP, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet and
3Gbps SATA.

PCOM-B632VG is designed to offer good EMC protection by latest mobile
platform, SoC(System-On-Chip) integrated remote technology and embedded
controller. Also PCOM-B632VG provides high performance for various display,
eDP and HDMI.

The PCOM-B632VG COM Express module has been enhanced by Portwell
in response to market demand for an even lower power platform to take
advantage of the Intel Atom™ processor’s already compact design. In
fact, since its initial inception, Portwell’s expanding Intel Atom processor-
based COM Express product portfolio has now grown to include industrial
temperature range support. Portwell’s versatile COM Express modules
adapt to these changes by enabling designers to partition commodity host-
processors from proprietary baseboards, thereby minimizing current and future
design risks during the initial phase of development.


ƒ Latest Intel Valleyview embedded processor AB1-3A35 PCOM-B632-E3825, ATOM E3825 Dual Core with
provides cost effective solutions with low power and MOQ
quad core processor technology AB1-3A34 PCOM-B632-E3826, ATOM E3826 Dual Core with
ƒ Supports up to four PCIe lanes, four x 1 lanes can MOQ
be conigured to one x 4 lane AB1-3A33 PCOM-B632-E3827, ATOM E3827 Dual Core
AB1-3A36 PCOM-B632-E3845, ATOM E3845 QUAD Core
ƒ Supports one DDR3L 1066/1333MT/s SDRAM, up
to 4GB AB1-3A40 PCOM-B632-E3815, ATOM E3845 Uni Core
ƒ Supports one USB3.0

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