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PCOM- B219VG Military application computers face more stringent conditions than industrial computers which must
withstand vibration, shock, humidity, and harsh environment. In addition, the performances is also
required for high speed and accurate responses.

3 generation Intel® Core™ processor family based Type VI Com
Express with DDR3 SDRAM, VGA, LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet,
6Gbps SATA, and USB3.0

The Portwell PCOM-B219VG is designed with the Intel QM77 express
chipset which offers high computing power with the 3rd generation Intel
core family. This provides turbo-boost, vPro, Hyper Threading, 3D Tri-gate
Transistors, USB 3.0 and all the other materials necessary of withstanding
wide temperature ranges necessary for harsh environment.

The new Intel Ivy Bridge platform provides this flexibility of cross-platform
CPU selection. Its compact size and rugged design can withstand a wide
temperature range of -40 to 80 degree Celsius while providing high speed and
accurate responses from command centers to remote stations such as missile
launchers, radar stations, and unmanned vehicles.


ƒ 3 generation Intel Core™ processor family and
mobile Intel QM77 Express chipset provide more AB1-3828 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3615QE
performance at same or lower TDP. AB1-3829 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3612QE with MOQ
ƒ Supports faster I/O interfaces on seven PCIe lanes AB1-3830 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3555LE
(four x1 can be conigured to one x4 lane)
AB1-3831 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3517UE with MOQ
ƒ Supports four SATA ports include two 6Gbp ports
and two 3Gbp ports AB1-3832 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3610ME with MOQ
AB1-3833 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3120ME
ƒ Power sharing technology between CPU and
Graphics engine to maximize performance. AB1-3834 (R).PCOM-B219VG-VI-3217UE with MOQ

ƒ Display Port (DP), HDMI, DVI supported, up to
50% 3D performance increase, 1.8X HD to HD
transcode performance.

ƒ Four USB3.0 ports supported

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