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PQ7 Interface

n Board actual Size, right description use Portwell icon

HD Audio


Naming Guide- Line of Portwell QSEVEN

PQ7 Series PQ7 Portwell Q7 The name Qseven™ (Q7) is derived from “quadratic” as noted by the Q and
Carrier or Module X 1 C Carrier board seven refers to the 7 x 7 cm
(70 x 70mm) size of the module. With evolution
M Module Board technology built upon a smaller size footprint mobile processor and chipset.
For Carrier/Module board X 2 For Module
1 Standard Mechanical size The Q7 standard provides high performance and low power consumption
(70mm x 70mm)
interfaces for mobile and battery operated applications with standard power
2-9 TBD consumption equal to or less than 12W which matches application requirements
Form Factor X 3 0 Portwell for fan-less operations by way of heat spreader mechanical interfaces.
Seriial Number X 4 0/1/2/3-9/A/B/C-Z
VGA support Y 5 V VGA support Unlike other module standards, Q7 does not require an expensive board-to-board
I Industry
Ethernet Y 6 G Gigabit Ethernet connector. It utilizes a very affordable MXM card slot with 230 pins in a 0.5 mm
L FAST Ethernet coniguration. This slot is already being used for graphics cards in laptop computers, so
T Temperature it is capable of high speed PEG (PCI Express Graphics) data transfers.

EX: PQ7-X 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 Y 5 Y 6 (Module)
EX: PQ7-X 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 Y 5 Y 6 (Carrier)

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