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Focus on your core competencies

Design for Extreme Reliability

Time To Market

Module ─ Solutions That Grow With You

The CPU module delivers the core functionality while all of the
application-specific features are designed into the baseboard
creating a semi-custom embedded PC solution.
How to enable faster time-to-market and cost-effective customization
alternatives? COM (Computer-On-Module) is the answer.
COMs are not only highly integrated component SBCs that support
system expansion and application-speciic customizations but also
improving form, it and function, minimizing current and future design
risks. As well as providing lower product lifecycle costs through
module scalability and interchangeability.

Portwell designs competence for your market! As a worldwide
technology leader in the embedded industry and also a leading
outsourcing partner for OEMs in different markets, Portwell's boards
can give you the most dependable, powerful and economic basis
to meet your carrier board design. You may take a big step forward
into a successful future with our proactive project management and
ISO 9001:2000 certiicate. Portwell provides one-stop shopping so
M with life cycle management.
that you can get to the markets faster with complete assemblies
including housings and keep your products available for many years

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