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Transportation and traffic management systems are deeply embedded in our daily lives (eg. Fleet
PQ7- M105IT management, signal and control, vehicle entertainment, etc.). And it is critical that these devices
PQ7- M105IT
withstand the environmental conditions of temperature, humidity and vibration.

Qseven module based on Intel® Atom E640T/ E660T/ E680T
platform with DDR2 SDRAM, four PCI Express lanes, 24bit

Portwell’s PQ7-M105IT is designed with Intel ultra low power E600 series
CPU and EG20T IOH. It features less than 5W power consumption, -40 to 80
degree Celsius resistance, PCI express interface which supports GPS /GPRS
/Wireless /Bluetooth devices and SDIO for cost efficient SD/Micro SD storage.
Furthermore, the board is compliant with the vibration standard MIL-STD-810F
and Method 514.5C with three axes of 5Hz to 500 Hz for maximum duration.
The vibration spectrum exceeds 26rms (root mean squared). Portwell’s
Qseven also passes function tests with standing 20G of shock for 11ms in 3
axes/6 face direction. The Qseven is the most suitable and reliable solution for
your transportation application development.


ƒ Atom™ ultra low power CPU (E640T/ E660T/ AB1-3628 PQ7-M105IT-0600-0512 (commercial) with MOQ
E680T) and IOH (EG20T) total TDP is under 5W
fan-less application AB1-3629 PQ7-M105IT-1000-1024 (industrial) with MOQ
ƒ Full Hardware acceleration of H.264, MPEG2/4, VC1 AB1-3630 PQ7-M105IT-1600-1024 (industrial)
and WMV9 supported AB1-3722 PQ7-M105IT-1600-2048 (industrial) with MOQ
ƒ On board 512MB DDR2 supported up to 2GB B8304300 (GP).Heat Spreader.
ƒ Three PCI Express lanes supported 70x62x8mm for PQ7-M105IT
ƒ CAN Bus interface supported
ƒ SATA Solid State Drive, onboard (optional)

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