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PQ7- M106IE Transportation application demands to trafic control, transportation monitoring and transport
information system are operated in vibration and high temperature environment which require wide-
temperature and solder components support.

Intel® Atom™ Based Qseven 2.0 module board with memory-
down, Dual DP, SATA, PCIE, Gigabit Ethernet and eMMC

Portwell PQ7-M106IE series are designed with Intel Atom™ E3800 series and
exellecnt power-design for critical environment for stable operation. Lower
power comsumption and high performance are parallel features better than the
last Atom™ generation.

PQ7-M106IE is designed with qualified components for wide-temp support.
Hence industrial-grade eMMC storage is adopted to keep system working
in -40°C~85°C. In addition, through USB Hub, USB2.0 can be expanded
as 6 ports. For Transportration or Outdoor application, PQ7-M106IE will be
appropriate solution to meet customer's requirement.


ƒ Support Intel Atom™ E3800 Series AB1-3B10 PQ7-M106IE-E3845-4G (industrial)
ƒ Onboard DDR3L memory-down, up to 4GB AB1-3B56 PQ7-M106IE-E3845-2G (industrial)
ƒ Onboard eMMC driver, up to 32GB
ƒ Support Dual DP interface AB1-3B22 PQ7-M106IE-E387-2G (industrial)
ƒ Support Smart Battery feature AB1-3B55 PQ7-M106IE-E3825-2G (industrial)
AB1-3B21 PQ7-M106IE-E3815-2G (industrial)

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