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PQ7-C100XL-CAN More and more places utilize some form of a kiosk, e.g. airports, museums, ATMs, etc. This module
comes equipped with a single DVI interface for high resolution. Its D/C input reduces the power use
while the Mini PCI Express make upgrades simpler.

3.5" ESB Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module

Portwell PQ7-C100XL-CAN is designed with a Qseven 2.0 specification and
230pin card edge MXM connecter; suitable for initial evaluation testing based
on Portwell’s Qseven modules with Mini PCI-E, VGA/LVDS, SATA, LAN,
AUDIO, SDIO, LPC, CAN etc interfaces.

PQ7-C100XL-CAN has CAN bus for vehicle application. In addition, 3.5"
board size can fix in thin client system with Qseven module. Furthermore, for
speeding up developing stage, Portwell provides carrier board design guides
as well for customer's own carrier board development reference.


ƒ Qseven carrier board is compatibale with Portwell AB1-3326 PQ7-C100XL 3.5" QSEVEN Carrier Board
Qseven modules
ƒ 3.5” ESB form factor for embedded applications AB1-3667 PQ7-C100XL-CAN 3.5" QSEVEN Carrier Board with
ƒ On Board DC to DC circuit for DC in application
ƒ Mini-PCIe support
ƒ Supports boot from SD (SDIO 1.1)

SATA 3.0 USB 2.0 Giga LAN Watch DOG H/W Monitor GPIO

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