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PQ7- C201 Automation could be described as an increase in productivity, and/or quality beyond that human labor Portwell
PQ7- C201
levels. With the PQ7-C201, the greater PCIe interface enables greater motor control and its UART
presence allows for a comport for Legacy components.

Mini-ITX Form Factor Carrier Board for Qseven Module with
Triple Displays and One GbE M.I.T

Portwell’s PQ7-C201 is designed with Qseven 230pin card edge MXM
connecter, and support Portwell's Qseven modules for initial evaluation testing
on PCIe x4, LVDS, DP, HDMI, SATA, USB, LAN, AUDIO, SDIO, LPC function,

PQ7-C201 offers rich I/O ports for expansion demand, also simultaneously
supports SATA and SD card functions. Furthermore, Portwell can provide
carrier board design guides for your own carrier board development reference PCOM
to shorten developing stage.


ƒ Qseven carrier board is compatible with Portwell
Qseven modules AB1-3B45Z PQ7-C201.Mini-ITX QSeven Carrier Board
ƒ Mini-ITX form factor for embedded applications
ƒ One Gigabit Ethernet port
ƒ Two SATA Ports and One SD Socket PC/104
ƒ One PCIe x4 expansion slot
ƒ DP, HDMI, and LVDS support


SATA 3.0 USB 2.0 Giga LAN Watch DOG H/W Monitor GPIO
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