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Signal Integrity is tested and assured

The Signal Integrity Lab (SI) concentrates its Ansys (Ansoft) Designer SI 6.0
For better collaboration design with customers, we
adopt world leading simulation tools in the industry
efforts on ensuring reliable quality of our PCB
ield. Such as
design. With advanced software, Portwell can 1. Leverages multiple signal integrity simulation
repair discrepancies via Signal Integrity (SI), methods.
Ansys (Ansoft) Siwave 5.0
Power Integrity (PI) and EMI (Electromagnetic 2. Utilizes optimization algorithms, Design of
Interference) before gerber out. The benefits of 1. Hybrid 2D Full Wave EM Field Solver. Experiments, tuning and post-processing for
SI not only reduces re-spin versions but also key comp.
2. Analyze entire PCB and IC packages.
minimizes cost to achieve a faster time-tomarket. 3. ID signal and power integrity problems. 3. Utilizes electromagnetic simulation and circuit
The Mission of SIL is as follows.
Ensure high-speed signal quality.
Reduce PCB turn-around time to fix SI, PI
and EMC issue in advance.
Minimize cost on board design (size, layer
no.,stackup, etc ).
Provide board stack-up design and PCB
material selection.
Export layout guidelines of high-speed
Signal validation and correlation.
Ansys (Ansoft) PI Advisor
Sharing SI/PI/EMI knowledge know-how Synopsys HSPICE
with part- ners by design collaboration. 1. Optimizes power distribution 1. Uses the Gold Standard for accurate circuit
2. Quickly determines the optimal capacitors simulation.
3. Minimizes production costs, non-recurring 2. Provides Yield-Process variability and device
engineering costs, and time to market. reliability simulation.
3. Applies high speed simulation with harmonic
balance and shooting algorithms.

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