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Power & energy use confirmed stable and efficient Portwell

Power Lab Electronic R&D Lab On / Off Lab

Since the development of the Industrial PC it has The Electronic R&D Lab fulills hardware engineers’ ON/OFF Lab is built to ensure our products are M.I.T
been widely used in communications, medical, needs by utilizing different measurement equipment designed with the highest quality. By testing
aerospace, automation & control applications and which help investigate high speed signals required On and Off we can validate the system power
more. The power design quality and reliability in Data Quality Assurance (DQA) during the test sequence which is one of the most important test
is very important during product development stage to ensure all hardware functionalities are methods to ensure the reliability and compatibility.
which may affect the system operation stability compliant with the design guide.
and power eficiency consumption. The role of the
Power Lab is to help engineers verify the power Portwell’s On/Off Lab features replay equipment
sequence, measure heat loss, etc. in order to that monitors power input for boards or systems
improve the power design. Engineering Validation Flow and provides advanced remote control so PCOM
engineers can monitor the test status of 16
systems via WAN, LAN or the Internet which
Power Validation Flow Check the DUT status According to proves to be an efficient method during project
this board’s
and what signals
need to be measured Sch & Brd to select the development.
measurement points
Power Sequence Protect Function
To select the ixtures to
Final check test measure signals for PQ7
Measure Estimate results and continue SATA, PCI-E,USB,LAN
Characteristic Capacitor Reliability to test next item IEEE802.3 and etc

To select probe and
Assess Validate scope for your needs
Conversion Test Report

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