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A farm of chambers for module testing

Features of Portwell Chamber Zone

As a leading worldwide industrial platform provider,
we know the importance of environmental testing.
We build our Chamber Zones with the following

Scalable – More than 30 chamber devices can
be installed in the zone.
Independent – Well controlled and separated
space for each individual chamber in order to
sustain steady operations and security of a
Advanced – 30 check points for every tested
object to collect detailed data.
Green – we recycle and use well-illed water for
the environmental test.
Advanced Chamber Farm Remote Control & Monitoring
Manipulation of chambers and testing objects
Allows instant acquisition of the testing data
The environmental test is a very important satisfies them due to the savings of cost and
time. For example, a remote monitoring system
certification to all industrial products needed for
mission critical environments. At Portwell, we test enables our customers to conduct environmental
all our products, developed or integrated, against tests by way of our equipment. Meanwhile, our
experienced engineers can effortlessly help
these conditions. Our readily available equipment our customers achieve desired results without
always allows us to meet customer deadlines IP68-2
additional costs.
and provide detailed test results compliant with IEC 68-2-X Certiication
industrial standards. While there are many Low-temp. Test,
applications and choices in the ever-changing IEC 68-2-1 60°C, 96 hrs
IPC industry, Portwell is the most competent and IEC 68-2-2 High-temp. Test,
-10°C, 96 hrs
qualiied to adapt to these changes and remain as IEC 68-2-3 Humidity Test,
an industrial leader. Though the quantity scale is a 40°C, 93+2/-3% R.H., 96 hrs
Temp. cycle Test,
concern of our customers, advanced functionalities IEC 68-2-14 -10°C ~ 60°C, 48 hrs

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