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Bringing thermal validation expertise to Portwell

module development

Programmable Temperature & Features:

Humidity Chamber M.I.T

P ortwell’s Programmable Temperature Air Flow Control
Comply with IEC 68-2 standard,
and Humidity Chamber Farm houses 12
lower wind is under 0.5m/s.
programmable constant temperature and
humidity testing machines, with the abilities With/without Due
to run from -60°C up to 150°C. Moreover, the Available upon request. WAN
air flow control is compliant with IEC 68-2 LAN
standard. Portwell vigorously applies these Humidity Control PCOM
Can be controlled under 40°C / 10% RH.
extreme conditions to their products in order
Web Monitoring
to ensure their durability and accuracy while Remote User
Can be arranged by the dedicated program.
under such conditions. Therefore, Portwell Internal User
can assure their customers superior and
stable performance in any environment.

Web Monitoring Console KVM Control Over IP

In order to serve those customers unable to
stay at our facility for the environmental test,
Portwell developed web-based tests to meet the
customer demands via the internet by remote 4-port KVM Switch
control access. PC/104

Provide us with your testing object and our
engineers will arrange your object in an assigned
chamber and set the remote control console with
you. This service allows you to manage your Testing Objects Temperature e-Chamber
tests right from your computer. Acquisition System Console
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