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The noise emission of our modules meet ISO Standards Portwell

Goals of Semi-Acoustic Chamber

In Portwell Semi-Acoustic Chamber we follow M.I.T
the simulation procedure demonstrated
below to validate our system noise levels.
Our method is to provide dimension, space,
wedged material, placement of EUT and
microphones in the chamber in accordance
with ISO 7779 standards which help us verify
that the noise levels of our products fall
within universal criteria.
Our goals are: PCOM
Ensure medical related products can
comply with noise requirements.
Service customer to verify their products
Portwell semi-acoustic chamber is based All the dimensions, space, material of
can meet local noise standards. on I SO 3745 which states that indoor wedges, placement of EUT and microphone
background noise remain under 15dB(A) within our semi-acoustic chamber follow ISO
Acoustic Simulation Test while outside noise is under or equal to 7779 standards which ensure our products
70dB(A); thus we can detect accurate results meet universal criteria.
Start for product evaluation. PQ7

ISO 3745:1977 ISO 3745:1977
Fail Simulation Test
Debug Fail / Pass Specifies two laboratory methods. First, it I SO 7779:2010 specifies procedures
establishes requirements for the test room for measuring and reporting the noise
Pass as well as the source location, operating emission of information technology and
conditions and instrumentation. Secondly, it telecommunications equipment The basic PC/104
Send specifies techniques for obtaining an estimate emission quantity is the A-weighted
Portwell Test Report of the surface sound pressure level from sound power level which may be used for
which the weighted sound power level of the comparing equipment of the same type
source and the sound power level in octave but from different manufacturers, or for
or one-third octave bands may be calculated.comparing different equipment. Portwell
Test Report Semi-A coustic Chamber follows ISO 7779
Saved in Lab Server when determining sound power levels of a
machine. Compliance
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