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Flexible and Scalable Modular Platforms M.I.T
Each element on the grid will demand a particular set of features; however, most elements
can often be designed using a single-processor architecture with exceptional scalability,
upgradeability and lexibility.

• Large processor selection: With a wide choice of processors, it’s straightforward to scale
designs to meet the right price-performance. PCOM
• Single code base: Equipment manufacturers can easily upgrade designs when the processor
family is completely code compatible.
• I/O lexibility: Open modular systems, supporting multiple standard busses, allow designers to
satisfy a wide range of I/O requirements.
• Reliable supplier: Chip manufacturers, with a reputation for delivering long life cycle products,
help preserve equipment manufacturers’ development investments.

Easy to increase Embedded Computing Requirements PQ7

Regulatory and market realities are requiring a new way of thinking for utilities, and the use of
standards-based building blocks to build out the grid will drive greater plant eficiency, higher
renewable energy production and more advanced conservation programs.


Versatile Modules,

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