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Our modules undergo shipping simulation

to ensure intact delivery

Vibration Shock Drop

Vibration is capable of damaging electronic The test purpose is to evaluate whether the This test focuses on package design. The
limit of the products’ strength is consistent
components and component soldering. In drop test is conducted in order to test whether
our Vibration Chamber, we simulate variable with those in the product line. When the tested the packaged product remains intact and
item is shocked and the mechanically fragile 100% functional after being dropped. This
vibration conditions that could potentially
damage our products during their transportation, part is found, mechanical R&D engineers can test simulates the accidents that occur during
installation or operation. Therefore we rigorously amend the supporting structure and analyze shipping and handling. Therefore, we also focus
test every product and gather accurate statistical the properties of material to effectively prevent on the design of our packages to ensure you
analysis as proof of the outstanding level of possible damage in the future. receive the product as if it just came off the shelf.
tolerance and endurance in every Portwell
product. The tested item is unpackaged. Three-axis &
6-face (each face tested 3 times) should be
conducted to pass speciied shock conditions of
Vibration tester conducts either 15G peak acceleration and a pulse duration for
11 ms. (3 times for each face under operation
Sine or Random vibration. condition)

Sine Vibration complies with IEC-68-2-6 and
simulates the product on a ship to verify Reso-
nance Search and Resonance Dwell. Random
Vibration complies with IEC-68-2-36 and simu-
lates the product in transportation situations in
order to test the packaged product’s vibration

* Compliance with IEC-68 Comply the IEC-68 environ * Compliance with IEC-68.
mental regulation. The max magnetic force is 1000kgF. * Complies with IEC-68.

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