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PCOM Interface

COM Express speciication adopted in July, 2005, redeined electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements for a highly integrated Computer On Module
(COM) supporting rich combinations of high-speed I/O interfaces while keeping key legacy interface technologies enabling a smooth migration of interface
technologies at once. The primary new technology behind COM Express R2.1 is the support of a few new interfaces such as USB 3.0 and Digital Display
Interfaces (DDI). The new technology also provides additional PCI Express lanes, high deinition audio, and SPI for BIOS access. The new PCOM Interface
has additional pin deinitions such as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for fan control and TPM support for security and management. The evolution of the
PCOM Module has adopted a Mini module of 84 x 55mm which is also more energy eficient under 12W.

Naming Guide - Line of Portwell Com Express

PCOM Series PCOM Portwell COM Express
Carrier or Module X 1 B Module Board, Portwell Design System I/O
C Carrier board, Portwell Desing PCI-E Lanes LVDS/VGA
D Module Board, Out Sourcing Serial TV-Out/DDI
E Carrier board, Out sourcing SATA/SAS Express Card
COM Express Pin Type X 2 1 Type 1 Pin-Out USB 2.0 HDA
2 Type 2 Pin-Out LAN LPC
3 Type 3 Pin-Out
4 Type 4 Pin-Out
5 Type 5 Pin-Out
6 Type 6 Pin-Out System Management
A Type 10 Pin-Out SDIO Watchdog Timer
Form Factor X 3 0 Others GPIO Speaker Out
1 Basic Form Factor SMBUS Reset
(125mm x 95mm) I2C
2 Extend Form Factor
(155mm x 95mm)
3 Micro Form Factor
(95mm x 95mm) Power Management
4 Nano Form Factor Thermal Protection Power Button System I/O
(55mm x 84mm) Low Battery Alarm Sleep/Lid Input PCI-E Lanes PATA Port
5-9 TBD Suspend/Wake Signals Fan Control PCI-E Graphics (PEG) LAN Port
Seriial Number X 4 0/1/2/3-9/A/B/C-Z Optimal Power TPM SDVO DDI Interface
VGA support Y 5 V VGA support VCC_5V_SBY Contacts PCI Bus USB 3.0
L LVDS support
Ethernet Y 6 G Gigabit Ethernet
L Fast Ethernet
TPM support Y 7 T TPM support Power Power
Customized abbreviation YY VCC_12V Contacts VCC_12V Contacts
EX: PCOM-X 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 Y 5 Y 6 Y 7 -YY

   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13