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PEDA Touch Panel PC Series

Modularized Fan-less Panel PC with High Performance and Low Power Consumption
Powered by Intel® Haswell ULT SoC Processor

In industrial PC markets, systems can be applied in versatile
applications so it’s always a good strategy to keep high flexibility and
expandability, and that’s what PEDA Series focuses on.

Product Introduction
PEDA Panel PC sets a new standard in HMI solutions. Remarkable advance and
brand new features of this incredible system makes it powerful for most industrial
application markets. By adopting the 4 generation Intel® Core™ processor with TDP 21.5”
as low as 15W, PEDA Panel PC is able to provide great computing ability while remain
low power consumption as well as value-optimized pricing.
Perfect thermal dissipation and a truly rugged chassis with an IP65 aluminum bezel
allows the system to operate in harsh industrial environments; also, thanks to plentiful
expansion modules and I/O interfaces, it can be used for a variety of purposes. In
conclusion, PEDA Panel PC is a well-integrated and flexible system working reliably 12.1”
even in extreme conditions, making it an ideal platform for machine control system,
factory automation, indoor/outdoor vending machine, etc.

New! 1-Chip BGA Solution Traditional 2-Chip platform Panel PC with Intel® ULT SoC Processor
The 4 generation Intel® Core™ processor features ultra-
CPU and PCH Integrated 2 chip scalable solution:CPU low TDP (thermal design power) and new technology
into single BGA package and chipset to deliver a single SoC (system on chip) solution. By
BGA and rPGA packages
15W & 28W TDPs, 6W utilizing this latest technology, the fan-less PEDA Panel
and below SDP 57W,47W,and 37W TDPs PC can optimize thermal dissipation as well as simplify
Supports LPDDR3 and Supports DDR3L Memory the mechanics of board and chassis to achieve an
DDR3L memory
GT3e graphics extremely reliable and stable system. Also, the system
can be designed to be very small and compact.

Power Button Display Port
Reset Button DC in 12V ~ 24V (DC Jack)

2x USB 2.0 HDMI DC in 12V ~ 24V
(3-pin Terminal Block)


85.7mm Modularization
1x PCIe x1 Concept of PEDA


HDD LED 2x GbE LAN 3x RS-232
Panel Mount Holes 2x USB 3.0 Grounding Hole
1x RS-232/422/485
* The picture of PEDA-S1530
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