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FUDA2 Touch Panel PC Series

Slim and Fan-less 5-wire Resistive Touch Panel PC with Wide Temperature Support
Powered by Intel® Bay Trail Quad-core Processor

In IPC market, a robust and highly reliable Panel PC system is a must to ensure non-stop and stable
operation on production line. By enhancing performance and power efficiency, FUDA2 Series is an
ideal HMI in factory automation, food and beverage industry, vending machine or semi-outdoor

Product Introduction
FUDA2 Panel PC is the next generation of Portwell’s standard Panel PC product
line. Its ascendant, FUDA Panel PC, has been widely proven and adopted by
industrial markets like application in factory automation and transportation.
Keeping the successful designing and marketing experience in mind, FUDA2
Panel PC aims at serving IPC customers with much more powerful HMI
solutions which provide high performance and low power consumption.
Powered by the latest Intel® Atom™ platform, Bay Trail-I SoC processor E3845,
which provides extended temperature and high I/O connectivity within
10W thermal design power (TDP), FUDA2 Panel PC is an ideal platform for
applications like highly efficient and dedicated image signal processing with
secure content delivery and visually appealing HMI thin clients.

70°C Wide Operating Temperature Support with Fan-less Design
FUDA2 Panel PC takes advantage of Intel® Atom™ E3800 family to operate
under extremely hot and cold conditions. Compared to most Panel PC in
the market, the operating temperature of FUDA2 Panel PC can be as low

-25°C as -25°C or up to 70°C in spite of its fan-less design. Moreover, the cable-
less structure optimizes the thermal dissipation as well as makes it more
durable in rugged environments.

Effortless Upgrade
FUDA2 Panel PC has been designed to be 100% mechanically compatible
with the previous FUDA Panel PC – offering a smart, economical and easy
replace ment or upgrade solution. Customers can enjoy the identical
mechanical design to give a direct upgrade to Intel’s latest platform.
With the exact same dimension and cut out specification, we offers the
perfect upgrade, without any need to modify existing machine cabinets or
mounting kits.
2x USB 2.0 2x GbE LAN Reset Button
1x USB 2.0
31 mm

19.2 mm
1x USB 3.0 DC in 12V ~ 24V
Panel Mount Holes DVI-I Power LED (3-pin Terminal Block)
2x RS-232/422/485 Power Button
* The picture of FUDA2-S1011
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