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Slim and Stylish Design
Instead of bulky appearance in traditional
panel system, EUDA2 Panel PC features
compact and stylish design: the “tablet-
like” look, true-flat surface and refined
edge without any acute angle of EUDA2
Panel PC makes it attractive to users at
the first sight. Also, by leveraging Intel®
Atom™ low power technology, EUDA2
Panel PC is slim and compact reaching
50mm thickness in panel solution, making
it more adoptable in all applications.

Zoom Pan Rotate

Projective Capacitive Multi-touch Screen
P-CAP multi-touch screen offers fast and sensitive response as well as
pristine optical clarity combined with a sleek design. By adopting anti-
scratch surface with 7H hardness protection, high touch durability
and long term stability are built-in features of EUDA2 Panel PC. Multi-
touch supports a full set of gestures such as zooming in/out, panning,
or rotating, giving users a whole new way to control and interact with
what’s on the screen even with latex gloves. The sensitive touch screen
also enriches user's experience in operation industrial Panel PC.

Ordering Guide
Removable HDD tray and CF
cover for easy installation AL6-3126 (R).EUDA2-S1220-0000-01. 12.1" Atom™ D2550 Panel
and maintenance. PC with Projective Capactive Touch and Silver Chassis
AL6-3128 (R).EUDA2-S1520-0000-01. 15" Atom™ D2550 Panel PC
with Projective Capacitive Touch and Silver Chassis
AL6-3145 (R).EUDA2-S1821-0000-02. 18.5" Atom™ D2550 Panel
PC with Projective Capacitive Touch and Silver Chassis
Assembly (Wide-Screen)

Product Features

50 50
0 0
Wide Voltage
P-CAP HDD/CF IP54/65 Wide Voltage VESA mount
VESA mount
Slim Panel
Fan-less Touch Easy ACCESS Slim Panel OP. Temp. 12-24V
OP. Temp.
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