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Special Offers in Portwell


CFEX is a new technology initiated by Portwell that adapting legacy CF type one with advanced pin
definitions. This helps overcome reliability issues with standard commercial memory. CFEX also supports
SATA 3.0, SPI and other extensions, and achieves a read speed of 100 to 120Mbyte/s and write speed of 45
to 75Mbyte/s. Compared with other CF devices, it falls in the same low-cost bracket as CF and CF SATA and
is less expensive than CFast.

Compact Flexiblity for Embedded Extensionompact Flexiblity for Embedded Extension
Well planned interface of Extended for versatile Applications
Compact Flexiblity for Embedded Extension
Compact system
Longevity, Stability, Reliability, Flexibility
Key consideration:
1. Embedded storage: CFEX can build embedded OS like CF with higher read/write speed.
2. Data storage: CFEX is simple to move data and is faster than CF.
3. Smart key & ID: System has to detect the CFEX to boot.
4. Card computing: We can use CFEX to build system on card and any system dock can work on it.


Portwell Engineering Tool Key features of the PET:
PET is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for - Provide all system information like bios version, drivers, and
building software applications without knowing board model
the hardware specifications. In response of the - Monitor hardware status such as CPU or system
cloud computing future, Portwell also develops temperature, 5 volt or12 volt value, fan
Smart PET, which is a new generation of PET with - Control hardware if needed like fan speed
cloud access compatibility. - Include GPIO control in PET API function
- Get WDT, speaker, and also SMBus or I2C control protocols
PET is a middle layer library called by upper
Key features of the Smart PET
layer program such as a user program or any
GUI program to access the Portwell mainboard. - Support all mainstream OSs at the same time in one
PET provide a uniform interface to upper layer package
programs, so the upper layer programmers can - Design remote API users to access their remote system
access the system without knowing about the - Provide a web interface for those who develop new web
address, port, or even schematics of the hardware. application

User Program/ PET Utility

Get/Set Get/Set Get/Set Read/White

Hardware Depend Code

EC ITE Windbond Fintex South Bridge North Bridge CPU

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