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Completed Technical Service - In order to ensure that customers can get the right and speedy
service from Portwell, we do offer the following services to meet your needs.

Logistics Service
It is not only for the scalable or world-grade
customers, we offer the service to our Consulting Service
partners who need the world-wide delivery to Our engineering experts provide a free
save time and expense. service to discuss with you the projects
or technologies that you need in a short
period of time. Please visit Portwell web
and click the button, then the on-line
service will appear for you.

Product Service

We have the experienced product
managers who can help you to get the
right products in our list and also the
related information to complete your

Manufacturing Service Design Service
Portwell has the most advanced manufacturing If our existing products cannot meet your
requirements, a customized design service
facilities to produce the quality product for your can be initiated to build the exact products
application or business. Please pay a visit to our that you demand.
Portwell engine, you will know how best that we
can do for you.

Further Contact

Both Portwell RDC & SIC are set for the completed service to our customers & Partners. Your any requirements or
technical issues are welcome to contact us for further solution. Our service can be arranged in the following ways.

Web Service Extended Visits to PE Direct Contact
Portwell already set up the contact for our Some idea or issue is not easy to have Portwell welcomes our customers to visit
technology service on the air. Please just the solution within short period of time. our Laboratory for the regulation test or
visit our web on the internet and left the Portwell has the necessary facility and design service. We believe that it is the
message for further contact by our people. dormitory for customers or partners who fastest way to solve your questions and
Besides, you also can get the on-line need to stay with us for a period of time. achieve the right solution. Just call or
consulting service via Skype or the phone if Please contact us and our service people mail us; you will have the right service
the immediate service is needed. will give you the message for it. immediately.

Live Chat (Skype) Global Service (Telephone) E-Mail
You can get the on-line consulting service In addition, you can get immediate support Portwell’s technical support department
via Skype if an immediate response is via telephone. Check the web site for phone can be reached by e-mail as follows
needed. numbers.
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