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Our Philosophy in Panel PC

Before every model of Portwell’s Panel PC comes into exist, we make sure these systems can create
as much value as they can, that is, not only to Portwell, but also to our partners, customers, end users
and our society. Bearing our core philosophy in mind, Portwell is dedicated to providing IPC customers
with products of TFT-LCD display related industrial grade Panel PC with Refinement, Affordability and

Refinement, Affordability and Creativity
Refinement - In addition to an industrial computer
system, Portwell tries to make Panel PC an exquisite
craft in slim, compact and light style with aesthetic
design to enhance user’ experience. With abundant
researching and developing capacity, Portwell can
optimize component choosing, board placement and
Refined mechanical design, bringing industrial panel systems
to a new era.

Affordability - By optimizing and simplifying system
and mechanical design, Portwell creates panel systems
that can especially meet the extreme expectations in
harsh industrial environment but remain competitive
and value optimized pricing. Therefore, everyone in
this society can enjoy and benefit from the convenient
Affordable Creative and smart lives thanks to fair cutting-edge technology.

Creativity - As the premium member of Intel® IoT
Solution Alliance, Portwell always adopts the newest
Intel® platform to create the best industrial panel
system for customers. At the same time, we focus on
future trend and customer feedbacks to continuously
improve our products and services. Therefore,
Portwell’s Panel PC always stands out in the market.

PPC Key Features
In order to make a R.A.C industrial Panel PC, Portwell,
with more than 20 years experience, cares about....

Radiation is no longer a concern!
Before released to sale, Portwell’s Panel PC has passed safety regulations
by EEA and FCC Class A requirements, which indicate the system is
suitable for office or factory use since it has low radio frequency that
would not cause harmful interference and accept interference received.
IP Certification proves our outstanding technology.
IP rating classifies the degrees of protection against the intrusion of
solid objects, dust, accidental contact and water in electrical enclosures.
Portwell’s Panel PC has proven itself as a rugged system by passing IP65
or IP54, ensuring its reliability and durability in harsh environment.

Explore the limit of your system.
Vibration and shock test simulates the systems experiencing vibrations
during transportation, installation and field environments to verify
stability and withstand vibration. By passing critical test, Portwell’s
Panel PC proves its ability to meet expectations in rough environment.
Aluminum makes the greatest Portwell Panel PC.
frame but it can be easily modified into a stainless Panel PC as well. Rugged
In addition to a good electricity and heat conductor, Aluminum naturally
generates a protective oxide coating and is highly corrosion resistive.
Besides, the eco-friendly material also matches our commitment to
Mother Earth; thus, Portwell makes Panel PC in aluminum for front

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