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Don’t let MTBF of Fan constrain your Panel PC!
Portwell’s Panel PC aims at providing solutions that working reliably in
difficult industrial environment. With fan-less design in our Panel PC,
customers don’t need to worry about excessive power consumption,
reliability of fans, noise as well as dirt and system overheating due to
unexpected fan failure.
Best thermal dissipation design ever.
To realize a truly fan-less system, thermal simulation would be conducted
at early stage of system design, significantly optimizing thermal
dissipation efficacy as well as design efficiency. Measurable issues like
components selection and placement, air flow vents, and heat-sinks has Fan-less
been considered thoroughly.

Aesthetic outlook design attracts users at the first sight.
Touch Panel Instead of bulky appearance in traditional panel system, Portwell’s Panel PC
features stylish design: the true-flat surface, crystal screen, sleek bezel and
refined edge draw everyone’s attention immediately.
Panel box is designed in slim and light type.
By leveraging Intel® low power consumption technology, Portwell’s Panel
PC is slim and compact in panel solution, making it more capable in all
applications. Either to install a new HMI/MMI or to replace an old one in
limited space; the space-saving and light panel systems can well-fitted.

Touch the cloud through resistive or P-CAP touch screen.
More than a computer, Portwell’s touch panel system aims at building a
platform to link between human and machine. By adopting sensitive touch
screen and panel of high brightness, Portwell would like to enhance user’s
experience; thus, user’s can operate by intuition, making lives easier, smarter
and more efficient.

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