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Target Market Applications

The advantages of automation systems commonly
attribute to higher productivity, better quality
and efficiency. As the core control system in the
production line, highly reliable and stable operation
is the essential requirement. Unexpected working
conditions like severe operating temperature,
dusty factory environment and vibrating machines
will push system’s ability to the limit.

Before shipping, Portwell’s Panel PC need to pass
burn-in and advanced function tests that ensure
system quality and functionality. All procedures are
certified by ISO9001/ISO14001. Also, the fan-less
deign guarantees longer life time and the excellent
vibration/shock resistance, IP65 certification, and
wide temperature/voltage support protect systems
from potential damage in different environments.
Slim and compact design including mounting kits
is good for space limited space. Various I/O ports Automation
enhance flexibility for application fields.


In transportation application fields, safty is always the highest
concern. Sysems, no matter serving as an in-vehicle infotainment
or a control system, may encounter strong and continuous
vibration or warm operating environment inside car, making
system stability and reliability a big challenge.
Portwell’s Panel PC is equipped with robust mechanical design
and provide best ventilation with great thermal design while
using in car. Low power components on small factor boards
can fit into slimmer cabinet, and lead to a greener system as
well as reduce utility expenses. With abundant experience
in OEM/ODM projects, Portwell has the capacities to meet
transportation application requirements including eMark and
EN50155. Moreover, Portwell’s Panel PC has passed high quality
industrial tests including shock, vibration, drop tests and IP65/54
certification; thus, it proves itself be able to operate in harsh

Touch panel is now everywhere such as POS, order taking
machines,exhibit kiosks and gamine terminals. With a touch screen,
users can operate panel systems by themselves; thus, the amount of
clerks in a store can be reduced, saving a lot of time and labor costs.
Moreover, it can as increase flexibility to extend additional functions.

With more than 20 years of industrial market leadership, Portwell
solution ensure retailers are well-positioned to move through the
current economy into a successful and profitable future, while
giving their customers more information faster and easier than ever
before. Portwell’s high performance Panel PC in slim, compact style
and aesthetic design with various mounting methods can serve a
perfect platform as HMI/MMI in POS, KIOSK applications, making
lives easier, smarter, more efficient and more interesting.

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