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When it comes to healthcare, people become alert to every detail
because trivial impurities or inaccuracies may lead to disastrous
diagnosis; thus, quality and reliability of systems for medical
appliances are not negotiable.
To fulfill high standards required by hospitals and health care
centers, Portwell’s Panel PC provides powerful computing and
graphic performance while the fan-less design ensures low noise
operation as well as higher reliability and less maintenance. With
water/dust proof properties and safety certifications like UL,
EN60601-1, Portwell’s systems work well as bed-side terminal, for
example. Furthermore, since it takes long time to develop and test
products in healthcare applications, it’s important to build trust with
customers. Certified by ISO 13485, Portwell has been the
Health Care
Automation ability to supply high-standard products for healthcare
qualified vendor for many medical customers, proving its
applications; also ensures product longevity support and
long-term after-sales service.

It’s common to see posters or TV monitors in public areas showing latest information like
promotional activities in retail stores, commercial or governmental advertisement. What’s
more is “infotainment”, kind of media that combines information and entertainment, not
only broadcasting information as posters or TV, but allowing audience to interact with it and
enhancing user’s experience.

As a result, Portwell adopts sensitive touch screen in systems. so that users can quickly choose
whatever information and receive instant responses from Portwell’s Panel PC. The interaction
makes the information searching procedure more fun. In addition to users, information
providers can also benefit from Portwell’s Panel PC. For example, with tools like database
management system, shopkeepers can gather precious data from customers and then
effectively increase performance after analyzing. By creating a platform between users and
information providers to communicate, Portwell brings values to both parties.

Digital Signage and Public Infotainment

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