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Brick Concept

As well as stable quality requirements, users are always looking for a unique product to differenciate them from their
competitors. To simplify system customization, Portwell created the Brick concept, an intelligent structure for the
WEBS systems that builds the WEBS chassis using three simple elements: wall, pillar and cover. This makes the
chassis flexible and easy for customization by following customer’s requirements. The illustation below shows the
segments for customization.
* May necessitate extra cost and MOQ for an individual customization.


200 150 200


With its flexible structure, a Portwell WEBS system can adjust the size of its form-factor to supply a customized
chassis for the customer. The three system sizes below illustrate the standard WEBS system form-factors. Customer
can adapt any model to suit their applications. (Size unit is mm)

150x150x51 (NANO-ITX) 200x150x51 (3.5” ECX) 200x200x51 (Mini-ITX)


 Full System: Chassis + (Power Module) + Adaptor + Cable + Embedded Board + Memory + HDD/CF
 Bare System (By requuest only): Chassis + (Power Module) + (Adaptor) + Cable + Embedded Board

13 Brick Concept
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