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Rugged Concept

WEBS 1000 & 4000 series is a rugged box pc series which is used in Digital signage, Transportation and industrial
applications. The WEBS rugged series is anti-vibration/shock certified wide temperature Embedded system. Its
compact and exclusively mechanical design facilitate conveniences for system integration.

WEBS has ingenious mechanical design which gives consideration small dimension, superior heat dissipation,
flexible wall mounting or panel mounting, and intuitive.

Anti-Vibration & Shock design

With the rugged design, the WEBS series is reliable in industrial environments to resist strong vibrations and
can be used as a core computer requiring to be installed on moving object. Whole of the system can pass
5Grms vibration and 50G shock testing, providing a reliable platforms for any industrial applications.

Hot-Swap of Entry 3.5” SBC & Semi-middle MINI-ITX
Common mechanical design for 3.5” Embedded & Mini-ITX board, our customer can easily to integrate
Portwell’s board to design their customized system. They can save development time and cost on their new
product. .


3.5” SBC 150mm



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