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About Portwell

Portwell, Inc. was founded in 1993 and entered the Industrial PC Solutions Alliance provide scalable, interoperable solutions that
market in 1995 by developing single-board computers. Today, our accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end
continuous development of leading-edge products has resulted analytics. Portwell, Inc. is also a member of the selected group
in strong growth in market shares and revenue, a irm place of Intel Applied Computing Platform Providers (IACPP), as well
on the Taipei stock exchange (TAISDAQ), and has established as Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) and an
Portwell as a major worldwide supplier of specialty computing executive member of PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturing
application platforms and services. Portwell, Inc. is a Premier group (PICMG).
member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. From
modular components to market-ready systems, Intel and the
250+ global member companies of the Intel Internet of Things

Portwell Engine (PE) Building

Portwell, Inc. has worldwide operations in the U.S.A., Taiwan, Japan, compliance with high quality and environmental standards such
China, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Latin America and as ISO 9001/14000/13485, OHSAS and RoHS, customers have
India. Whether you are working on a computer board or turnkey taken advantage of our dedicated and sophisticated engineering
system, Portwell is the perfect partner to help you deliver your resource to satisfy their requirements for the design, manufacturing
products to the market on time as well as maintain longevity of and logistics of application-speciic computer boards, customized
product. With 20 years experience in the design and manufacturing computer chassis, and speciic computer system conigurations.
of specialty computer boards and systems, Portwell not only Whether you are working on a Medical Single Board Computer or
provides a one-stop resource for off-the-shelf products, but also Internet Security Appliance, Portwell is, again, the perfect partner to
supplies custom-built solutions and a global logistics services to suit help you deliver your products to the market on time and stay one
your needs. step ahead of the competition.

Portwell OEM and ODM solutions satisfy your needs in retail
automation, medical equipment, industrial automation, infotainment,
communication, and network security markets. Encouraged by
our lexible business support, manufacturing excellence, and

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