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Design Concept for WEBS-3583

Product Introduction
Portwell’s WEBS-3583 is high performance fanless Box PC, powered by the Intel 4 generation Intel Core™ i7/
i5/i3/Celeron processor.
WEBS-3583 incorporate Intel newest mobile and desktop processor technology and Portwell’s innovative PCI/
PCIe expansion modularization design to construct a reliable and versatile embedded system. Using Intel 4 th
generation processor with integrated HD 4000 graphic graphics, the WEBS-3583 provides nearly double graphics
performance over its predecessor. This platform natively supports new features such as USB 3.0, SATA3 and
DDR3 1600.
This newest system adapted Portwell’s innovative Box PC structure. The modularized expansion architecture can
reduce the thermal effect between add-on card and system, so that your system can always work in expected
thermal condition.
Product Highlight

(1) Portwell Power-Optimized & Cost-Optimized Performance Platforms
Traditional embedded systems which adopt mobile solutions are easier to
design as low power while avoiding thermal issues. Mobile solutions were
designed to be high-performance and low power. However, mobile CPU and
chipsets are more expensive than their desktop counterparts.
Now Portwell utilizes these two advantages from Intel TDP 35W desktop CPU
and Q87chipset to provide power-optimized and cost-optimized performance

(2) Innovative Expansion Cassette
Providing an expansion slot inside a fanless controller is easy, but the real
challenge is to deal with the heat generated by add-on card. That’s why we
design our patent expansion cassette for WEBS-3583 expansion version. By
creating an isolated chamber to accommodate add-on card separately, WEBS-
3583 can effectively minimize the thermal interference and maintain system
stability. Additional thermal solution, such as customized heat-spreader can be
applied inside cassette to realize a truly rugged fanless system with diversified
add-on cards.

(3) Wide Range DC Power Input
The WEBS-3583 accepts wide range DC power input, allowing it to be powered
with multiple options, no matter if 12V, 24V,19V or 36V power adapter is 12-24V
available. Besides, the wide range DC power input enables product usage in a
variety of situations.

Product Feature
WEBS-3583 have lockable HDD tray, and this kind of design
provides a physical level hard drive protection. The removable HDD
tray provides 2x 2.5″ Bay for 2.5″ HDD/SSD so users don't need to
remove any screws to maintain or change their storage device.
This system provides rich I/O interfaces and faster connectivity.
Three independent displays(DP/HDMI/VGA), two Gigabit Ethernet,
two RS-232/422/485 ports, four RS-232 ports, four USB2.0, four
USB3.0, one 8 bits GPIO port and Mic-in/Line-in/Line-out.
Optional wireless and 3G module can be added via a Mini-PCIe
socket and additional function can be added via two PCIe x4 or one
PCIe x4 + one PCI expansion slot.
The WEBS-3583 serves performance and graphic demanding
application targeted at factory automation and industrial automation,
which requires additional control feature via expansion slots.

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