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RPC-500NC/L 19” 4U industrial rack-mount chassis

 A lockable front door with thumb lock  Good for dust-proof & Running status visible
 One power on/off switch with LED indicator, one reset and one K/B  Avoid accidental reset for better running security
lock switches inside the lockable door
 Front replaceable air ilter  For installing dual systems and redundant power supplies more easily
 Two USB ports on the front panel  For easy access
 One PS/2 K/B connector on the front panel  Convenient to connect to the keyboard
 One K/B connector cap  Good for dust-proof for the front accessible K/B connector
 Two ball-bearing cooling fans  Better ventilation to provide the system with higher reliability
 Enhanced drive bracket to hold 3 x 5.25” + 1 x 3.5” (external) and
1 x 3.5” drives (internal)  For integrating varied systems with higher lexibility
 Shock-resistant cushion for the drive bracket  Suitable for installing RAID and CD-ROM drive
 Two adjustable positions for hold-down card retainers  For ixing all the cards more lexibly and tightly
 Changeable modularized back panel for 14-slot ISA/PICMG  Only one minutes to change the back panel
backplane or ATX M/B  Easy to change to different backplanes and keep stock
 Field replaceable power supply bracket for both normal PS/2 power  Only three minutes to change defective power supply
supply and PS/2 type redundant power supply  Only 30 seconds to change the defective PSU module


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Chassis-RPC-500NC/L 34
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