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AREMO-3194 19” 3U rack-mount chassis for ATX

M/B platform

 350W Active PFC power sopply  Suficient power source for Intel Desktop Platform
 Cooling tunnel design  Better ventilation to enhance system reliability
 More expansion slots  Support up to six expansion and one AGP slots for higher
 Two USB and one IEEE 1394 ports on the front panel  Easy to operate the system
 Lockable front door  Provide better security
 Front replaceable air ilters  For easy cleaning

Excellent In-System Cooling PCI Slots Expansion Front Replaceable Air Filters
Two 8cm ball-bearing fans provide better PCI Slot expansion slots for adding more Convenient to change air ilters
ventilation and keep smooth airlow functions to the system when needed

Lockable Front Door and Protection Cap and Touch-Free Excellent Cooling System
Thumb Lock Reset Switch New slot cover and air holes for
Provide better security and operate the Avoid abnormal operation and increase better ventilation
system more easily system reliability

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