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AREMO-6182 6-slot full-size industrial node

chassis (Shoe-box)

 One 5.25” drive bay for EZDRV  For both CD-ROM and FDD support or Hot-swappable HDD
 One replaceable air ilter  For easy cleaning
 Can be vertically or horizontally mounted  Easy to it into different space limited environment
 Two adjustable positions for hold-down card retainer  For ixing all the cards more lexibly and tightly
 Both 6-slot ISA and PICMG backplane applicable  Easy to change to different backplane and keep stock
 Field replaceable power supply bracket for both normal PS/2  For ease of maintenance
power supply and PS/2 type redundant power supply
 Removable fan kit  Easy to replace the broken fan


Plastic Fan Filter Can be Mounted in Different Styles Dual Card Retainers
For easy cleaning and replacing AREMO-6182 can be either vertically or It has two positions for card clamps to
horizontally installed hold both PCI and ISA cards tightly

Unit: mm

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