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Basic Function Test
In order to ensure the system product is able to boot up by
Dynamic Burn-In, 100% of the system products are tested
for electronic functionality via a Basic Function Testing after

Dynamic Burn In Test
IPQC Basic DBI is the test used before the product is
Function Test shipped out. The purpose is to screen possible
Dynamic weaknesses and failures which affect its reliability
under different environments.
Burn In

Advanced Advanced Function Test
Production Flow Function Test This procedure is to ensure the quality
and functionality of the system product
after the Burn-in test.


In FQC Packing
Warehouse We inspect the product for external defectiveness.
Once they have passed, we then collocate all
accessories into plastic bags then proceed with
boxing and labeling.

Finished and packed goods are placed in this area for
inspection; the FQC department will inspect inished goods
based on standard procedures.

28000 14064

Certifications Certifications
Portwell has been ISO 13485 certified by TUV NORD since 2010. Portwell has been ISO/TS 16949 certified by TUV NORD since 2014.
In addition to Portwell’s headquarters in Taiwan, her branch office Following ISO/TS 16949 specifications, Portwell has developed a quality
in the U.S has also achieved the same certification which reflects management system that provides continual improvement, defect
Portwell’s dedication to continuous improvement in the design and prevention and reduction of variation in serving automotive-related
manufacturing of medical computing devices. products.

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