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AREMO-4196 The Best Cost-Performance 19” 4U
Height Intel Desktop Mother Board
Based Rack-mount Computer

 A lockable front door with thumb lock  Good for dust-proof & security
 One power on/off switch and one system reset botton on the  Avoid accidental reset for better running security
front panel behind the lockable door
 Fan control board  Detect fan fail and Alarm
 Front replaceable air ilter  For easy cleaning and install
 Equipped two USB ports  Eficient Access
 Dual 12cm ball-bearing cooling fans  Better ventilation to provide the system with higher reliability
 Enhanced drive bracket to hold three 5.25” and two 3.5” HDD  For integrating varied systems with higher lexibility
drives (internal)  Suitable for installing RAID and CD-ROM drive
 Shock-resistant cushion for the drive bracket  Suitable for harsh industrial environment
 Two adjustable positions for hold-down card retainers  For ixing all the cards more lexibly and tightly
 Changeable modularized back panel for 14-slot ISA/PICMG  Only one minute to change the back panel
backplane or ATX motherboard  Easy to change to different backplanes and keep stock
 Field replaceable power supply bracket for both normal PS/2 power  Only three minutes to change the defective power supply
supply and PS/2 type redundant power supply  Only thirty seconds to change the defective PSU module


PCI based RAID kits, supporting up to three SATA Friendly design of handles, you can lift and Power switch, RESET switch, HDD / Power
HDDs with RAID 0, 1, 5 selections. The Disk bus is unstall AREMO-4196 comfortably and easily. / Fan-fail / LAN LEDs and two USB 2.0 ports
E-IDE with Ultra DMA support. The RAID kits provide are on the front panel.
a GUI manager for installation and maintenance. Hot-
swap and hot-spare capabilities are also supported.

Flexible design to install power supply, the AREMO-4196 enhances the drive bracket to Equipped with dual 12cm ball bearing fans,
bracket can be adapt to PS/2 type or mini- integrate up to three 5.25” and one 3.5” disk AREMO-4196 provides the best ventilation up
redundant power supply. drives within a limited space. (extra two 3.5” to 208CFM to expire heat from the system.
HDD drives for AREMO-4196-MX)

AREMO-4196 adopts the newly designed AREMO-4196 is equipped with two USB The washable fan ilter can be easily taken
card retainer to hold both the PCI and ISA 2.0 connectors on the front panel to have off to make an easier maintenance.
type add-on-cards more tightly. a better security control.

LED indicators include power, HDD, Fan-fail The thumb lock offers easy operation. Users The washable fan ilter can be easily taken
and LAN functions. can choose to lock it or not. out for easier maintenance.

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