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About Power Supply

PLUTO Series Can it your Mission-Critical Applications
Portwell Inc. who has already set up for 20 years is dedicated to Industrial PC field for designing and manufacturing
industrial standard and project based boards and systems in various form factors, rack-mount server, Box PC and Panel
PC to meet customers’ demanding and diversified applications. Certainly, suitable peripheral combinations, like chassis
and power supply unit are included to providing more stable and higher performance total system solutions.

Since Box PC and Panel PC are almost based on system-oriented design,
therefore, we know the quality of Power Supply Unit (PSU) is required. PSU
to system is like the blood to body; hence, the crucial importance of PSU
could not be over-emphasized. In an attempt to provide stable output and
high reliability for different industrial applications such as communications,
networks and servers, Portwell Inc. has done lots of related research
on systems equipped with quality and reliable PSU. According to great
experience in industrial fields and vertical markets, we believe that the best
component bringing the best product, so we choose the components from
Japanese manufacturers which are always earning high reputation of quality
assurance from engineering verification and customer’s feedback. Thus, in
use of high quality PSU products, capacitors from Japanese brands, like NCC
and RUBYCON are introduced into Portwell whole new PSU series, the PLUTO,
to meet demanding requirements under harsh environment

To assure customers’ systems to work steadily, dual forward converter in PLUTO series is design
and reliability test under burn-in test condition at 0°C and 50°C for 12 hours at 100% full load is
performed in order to keep stable and efficient status to meet industrial environment standards.
PLUTO series also guarantee 80% de-rating output at 50°C which allows the whole system to work
with enough watt at high temperature environment.

Besides safety concern, 100% HI-POT Test, Over
Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection,
Over Voltage Protection and Over Current
Protection are considered into design phase;
PLUTO series also pass several mechanism test, like
5G vibration and 50G shock which criteria is based
on Portwell Inc. system integration experience.
PLUTO series with 80PLUS efficiency level is
certified and compliance of green energy is well
followed. That’s the corporate social responsibility
Portwell Inc. takes.

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