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About Power Supply

PLUTO, your best choice, Portwell provides to you
Power consumption range of PLUTO series is covering from 150W up to as high as 500W is sufficient to support latest
industrial applications. Why not much higher than 500W? First of all, the newest CPU and chipset use up-to-date
technology, architecture and silicon process which means power consumption of whole components on board decreased
year by year. Secondly, the higher the wattage is, the hotter the system is. The power range chosen by Portwell Inc. is the
reasonable wattage we studied and come out proper configuration to meet rack-mount server’s demand with most off-
the-shelf chassis.

Furthermore, besides specification and quality components
which are stated, the basic form factors, both Flex ATX and PS/2
ATX, serve different purpose also under Portwell’s thoughtfulness.
The PLUTO PSU in Flex ATX form factor is designed from 150W,
180W and 250W which is suitable for application of smaller size
but higher efficient system. Such as in POS, Node Chassis or
Network Systems, Flex ATX PSU not only can save space but also
meet those lower power consumption applications demanding. 20/24 Pin 4 Pin 6+2 Pin
PS/2 ATX PSU provides higher output of wattage, e.g. 350W and
500W, and various connectors (20+4 pin ATX main power cable,
floppy drive power cable, 4 pin peripheral power cable, SATA
power cable, 4 pin ATX +12 volt power cable and 6+2 pin PCI
Express power cable) to meet customers’ different requirements.
For instance, PS/2 ATX PSU is mostly appropriate for the use of
communication systems, servers, workstations and data storage 4 Pin FDD 4+4 Pin SATA
within 2U, 3U and 4U systems.

In addition, considering over various demands in industrial fields, PLUTO series can be used in different devices, not only
provide a simple power supply to customers. The comprehensive thought in technology and idea in specification will let
our customers more understand what Portwell Inc. is to regard its products and to treat its partners.

180W Flex form factor Power supply 250W Flex form factor Power supply 500W PS/2 ATX Power Supply with
with active PFC Japan made capacitor with active PFC Japan made capacitor active PFC Japan made capacitor 80

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