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GADIWA-3160 128W DC/DC 12V~36V/wide-input,

ATX/output, Board Type Converter

20 Pin 4Pin P4_12V
12~36V 6pin 12V 4pin Input
Input Power Connector Power Connector

20pin Output Power

GADIWA-3160 is a wide input converter for board type. It normally support 128 Watts and peak 160 Watts.
GADIWA-3160 can save more space and cost, it’s not only capability for fan-less system but also suitability for
different application. Gadiwa-3160 also have UL certiication and watch dog function design, it’ll be easy to deploy
any critical application.

„ 12~36V/Wide-input, plug into the ATX connector with board output DC 12V~36V input
„ Compact and user-friendly design for installation and maintenance
„ Fan-less design for mission-critical application
„ Small size for 1U or higher system to save space
„ Watchdog Timer function


Input Voltage 12V~36V
Line Regulation 11.5V~36V/input
Output 128Watts / 160Watts Peak
Eficiency >85% @ 12V
MTBF 245.000hrs @45°C, 192,000hrs @55°C 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 12V
EMI & Safety Approval UL, CE, FCC
Input Connector 12V~36V / 6 pin
Output Connector Main / ATX 20 pin
Dimension (WxDxH) 150 x 51 x 22.5 mm 20-pin


Current Range
Current Range
Output Voltage (forced air 10cfm) (convection or high temperatures) MECHANICAL DRAWING
+12V 0~8A 0~6A
+5V 0~8A 0~6A
+3.3V 0~7A 0~5.25A
+5Vsb 0~2A 0~1.5A
-12V 0~0.15A 0~0.12A
128W DC/DC 12V~36V/wide-input, ATX/output, Board Type Converter

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