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Intel® Atom™ based Type II micro-COM Express module with DDR2/DDR3 SDRAM, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA, USB and NAND Flash
Portwell PCOM-B215VG series are designed with Intel® Pineview N455/ D425/ D525 + ICH8M low power, cost effective single/dual core solutions, featuring computing power adjustments, advanced firmware for PATA/SATA security command and flash region protection suitable for monitors system loading and computing power. With flash protective functions, no one can change the machine's settings or steal storage data during the system's initial stage. Remote display and control functions are also supported by PCOM-B215VG series. This means the system can be controlled without a monitor or keyboard.

  • The Intel® Atom™ N455 (Pineview-M) / D425 (Pineview-D, Single core) D525 (Pineview-D,Duo core) and ICH8M platform that provides cost effective solutions with low power and duo core processor technology
  • Intel® Pineview-M / Pineview-D can be supported onthe same compact board
  • Supports five PCI Express lanes, four x 1 lanes can be configured to one x4 lane
  • On-board ATA 4GB Solid State Drive, up to 32GB(Commercial-grade)
  • Supports one DDE3 800MHz SDRAM, up to 4GBmemory size
  • Supports MPEG2 Decode in HW 4GB memorysize


Ordering Guide

Cooler.95x95x28mm For PCOM-B215

Heat Spreader.95x95x9.2mm for PCOM-B215

Heat Sink.95x95x15.4mm for PCOM-B215

(R).PCOM-B215VG-N455.TYPE II.w/EC/Pineview-MSC DDR3

(R).PCOM-B215VG-D525.TYPE II.w/EC/Pineview-DDC DDR3

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