• Intel® Atom® Processor E3900 Series (Apollo Lake)
  • On Board LPDDR4 SDRAM up to 8GB, On Board eMMC up to 64GB
  • Low Power Consumption (6 to 12W)
  • Supports Wide Operating Temperature and Wide Voltage
  • Support LVDS, eDP, DP, HDMI and Turbo mode up to 2.5GHz

PCOM-BA01, a Type 10 Mini COM Express® (84 x 55 mm) module which based on Intel® Apollo Lake Atom® E3900 series SoC. In this architecture, it could provide VGA, LVDS, and high quantity HDMI, eDP, DP with 4K resolution. And it also provide turbo mode up to 2.5GHz, with extending 4 x PCIe 2.0 x 1, 2 x USB 3.0, 8 x USB 2.0, and 2 x SATA III devices. With ultra low power consumption(6 to 12W), wide-temp support, it could provide very energy saving and high effective performance. Portwell want to promotes PCOM-BA01 as vertical solution to aim in the different versatile applications.


Model Name PCOM-BA01
Form Factor (mm) COM Express®Mini (84 x 55mm)
COM Type Type 10
CPU/ Clock/ Cache Intel® E3950*
Intel® E3940
Intel® E3930
Intel® N4200
Intel® N3350
1.80 GHz to 2.50 GHz (Turbo)*
2MB cache*
Chipset SoC
Memory LPDD4 2133 MT/s*
Dual Channel*
USB 2x USB 3.0 8 x USB 2.0,
(Option 1 x OTG)
PCI Express 4 x PCIe 2.0 x 1
Ethernet Intel® I210IT
Sound Intel® High Definition Audio
Graphic Controller Intel® HD Graphics 505*
Intel® HD Graphics 500*
Carrier Board PCOM-CA00 (Type 10)

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Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide
Product Ordering P/N Status
PCOM-BA01-E3950-4G AB1-3G73 Available
PCOM-BA01-E3940-4G AB1-3G74 Available
PCOM-BA01-E3930-4G AB1-3H32 Available
PCOM-BA01-N4200-4G AB1-3H13 Available
PCOM-BA01-N3350-4G AB1-3K20 Available
PCOM-BA01-E3950-8G AB1-3F36 Available
PCOM-BA01-E3940-8G AB1-3K21 Available
PCOM-BA01-E3930-8G AB1-3G27 Available
PCOM-BA01-N4200-8G AB1-3H91 Available
PCOM-BA01-N3350-8G AB1-3K22 Available


Accessory Ordering P/N Status
Heat Sink (E-sku) B8309590 Available
Heat Sink (N-sku) B8309960 Available
PCOM-CA00 (uATX Carrier Board) AB1-3917 Available


(Documents & Downloads)
  Catalog   PCOM-BA01 | Catalog    2021 年 3 月 30 日
782.96 KB 10 Downloads
      BIOS   BIOS_PCOM-BA01_R100E1_Update.zip 1.0.0   2021 年 5 月 3 日
    5.13 MB 3 Downloads
        Driver   driver_PCOM-BA01_LAN_Wind1064bit_21.1.zip 1.0.0   2021 年 5 月 3 日
      77.49 MB 0 Downloads
        Driver   driver_PCOM-BA01_Serial_IO_Win1064bit_30.100.1631.03.zip 1.0.0   2021 年 5 月 3 日
      3.04 MB 0 Downloads
        Driver   driver_PCOM-BA01_Chipset_Win1064bit_10.1.1.35.zip 1.0.0   2021 年 5 月 3 日
      2.56 MB 0 Downloads
        Driver   driver_PCOM-BA01_Graphic_Wind1064bit_21.20.16.4550.zip 1.0.0   2021 年 5 月 3 日
      237.93 MB 0 Downloads
        Driver   driver_PCOM-BA01_Audio_Win1064bit_279.zip 1.0.0   2021 年 5 月 3 日
      124.80 MB 0 Downloads
        Driver   Driver_PCOM-BA01_TXE_Win1064bit_3.0.10.1129.zip 1.0.0   2021 年 5 月 3 日
      85.09 MB 0 Downloads

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