• The Intel® Atom™ N2600 / N2800 / D2550 embedded processor and NM10 platform that provides cost effective solutions with low power and dual core processor technology
  • Supports four PCI Express lanes, four x 1 lanes can be configured to one x 4 lane
  • Supports one DDR3 1067MT/s SDRAM, UP to 4GB
  • Supports eight USB2.0
  • Supports dual independent displays of LVDS and VGA


Portwell PCOM-B218VGT series are designed with Intel® N2600 / N2800/ D2550+NM10 with less than 10W low power consumption and cost effective dual core solutions. This product features a fan-less system capable of withstanding temperatures of -40 to 80 degree Celsius making it suitable for military and aerospace communication in the environments in which they operate.

For the Cedarview processor integrated graphic engine that supplies 2 simultaneous digital displays (2 displays pipes) that extreme 3D performance for media applications such as high definition 1080p imaging; one SO-DIMM sockets to support DDR3 SDRAM up to 4GB; two SATA ports; one Fast Ethernet; three PCI-E x1, LPC interface and high definition audio interface.