• Coffee Lake-H is the 8th Generaon Intel® Core™ Processor with 14nm and brand new architecture provide best performance
  • Seek for mobile soluon but with high performance and medium TDP
  • Support faster I/O interface on 24 PCIe Gen3 lans

PCOM-B651G brings three important factors including DDR4 memory support, PCIe Gen3 support, and USB 3.1 Gen2 support. DDR4 is trend and it support both ECC and Non-ECC with same pin definion. In other word, customer can use both ECC and Non-ECC memory depending on their applicaon. In order to achieve that, all PCH sku are considered in development stage to make sure customer has various models to meet different requirements in cost, performance, and memory type. The Gen 3 PCIe support provides faster PCIe speed, so that the performance of PCIe expansion card will be beer. It’s crucial for Networking and Medical related applicaon. The enhanced graphic performance brings 4K support.